British Poultry Science is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England. It is also a Registered Charity.

British Poultry Science Ltd was established in 1960 with the primary objective of publishing the journal British Poultry Science, which has become a leading international journal for poultry scientists and advisers to the poultry industry throughout the world.

In addition, British Poultry Science Ltd is a registered charity and as such supports early-career poultry scientists by providing travel grants to conferences and, from 2015,  Small Project Grants for poultry research.  See links from the above menu for details of application process for these awards.

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News: 09/2016

Dr Paul Hocking (Roslin), formerly joint Editor of the Journal and Professor Eddy Decuypere (KU Leuven), a frequent contributor to the Journal and former Council member, were inducted to The International Poultry Hall of Fame at WPC 2016. Read more detail  here