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British Poultry Science is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England. It is also a Registered Charity.

Travel Grants – information for applicants

The total budget allocated for travel grants for each calendar year is not very large and has to be spread amongst applicants over three application cycles. Hence successful applicants may be offered less than the total applied for, especially if this exceeds £1000.   We do not mind applications to more than one grant-aiding body BUT you must declare  so on the application form.

The purpose of the scheme is to allow scientists in the field of poultry science, especially younger scientists to further their careers by attending and participating  in conferences, workshops  or study trips. Consequently, we do not support applicants of 36 years of age or older and senior scientists such as Heads of Departments will not be offered an award.  It is essential that poultry science is the focus of the conference, workshop or study trip, and by participation we mean either presenting a paper, abstract/poster or being involved in a working group or study visit – we do not support mere attendance at an event. Proof of participation is required, such as letter of acceptance by a conference organisers of a paper to be presented by the applicant. Whilst proof of acceptance of abstract/presentation is mandatory, it is sometimes not available by the award closing date, so submission of this documentation is allowable after the closing date by login to your account and uploading the proof of acceptance documentation.  Proof of attendance (such as a certificate of attendance) and of the expenditure incurred at the event are  also required. Applicants must also provide a short report. Applicants should fill in the web form for submission of their application. Note that there are character maximums for all the text boxes (including spaces), importantly Personal Qualifications 1000, Career Details 2000, Details of conference 1500, Details of costs and Details of any previous award 1000 each. All fields must completed and you are allowed to submit one form only, so it is advisable to prepare the text in a word processor and then copy/paste the text into the form fields.

We consider applications three times per year,  with closing  dates of 2355 GMT 31st January, 2355 GMT 31st May and 2355 GMT 30th September and will not consider applications in between these dates nor  retrospective applications. Apply early; certainly no later than the closing date for submission of your application for consideration. A committee judges all applications only after each of the three closing dates and so offers are made 2-3 weeks thereafter. Finally, repeat awards within 3 years of any award in excess of £250 are very unlikely to be made.